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Hello friends,

My name Is Abraham Itunnu, A Microsoft Certified Computer Engineer, a Professional Forex Trader, an Internet Business Consultant,  a Publisher, a Web Master, Internet Marketing Expert, An Affiliate Marketing Professional. The CEO of Frican Global Services. Corporate Affairs Commission Registration No: IBZ026395. A Certified Netprenuer who is into Legitimate Business Online, to the glory of God I’m a genuine good citizen of Nigeria whose passion is to liberate lives not extorting people with undefined route to success. By God’s grace I have trained thousands of people with a quality success. I am not an information marketer who makes money through paper advert. I give what I do that are working for me.

Well due to some experiences with some bad citizens, you may still be doubting my point. Could you please check some of my sources of income online. how to make money online,, etc

The Sole Objective of This Website is To Reveal The Exact Steps To Make Money With The 10 Most Profitable Genuine Business on The Internet. It is design to help average person to be able to make ends meet and be financially and Economically sound, following the instructions of the package.

Note: This is to really give profitable value that can change your Financial lifestyle in 3 Weeks.

One more thing before you continue reading, Let me show you a website that i used to make money from one of my Cost Per Action (CPA) without selling anything.  Check it here

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If you’re trying to make money online … grass-root, beginner intermediate or advanced … throw away ALL those B.S. courses, manuals, CDs and seminar DVDs you’ve bought over the years and read very carefully. I can’t help you if you want the latest SEO, Adwords, Blogging, Article Marketing (or any of the above) so-called killer techniques.

But what I can do for YOU today is … reveal the Most Profitable systems in ‘absolute’ detail, … that once you apply it, you will never go back to the outdated ways of making money online.

Are You Interested In A Legitimate Way To Make Money Online?

Are You Tired Of Buying Fake & Craps Ebook Online?

Are You Tired Of Unfruitful Monthly Seminars?

 Take Time To Read Carefully.

“Discover The Exact Steps To Start Generating Viral Income From The Ten Most Profitable Business Online”

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How would YOU FEEL inside if YOU could give YOUR family a TOTAL financial FREEDOM?

This Package Also Includes 3 Most Profitable Business online You Can Start Without A Website Using Your Mobile Phone

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With this Businesses:

* You may not quit your present job

* There is no special internet skills or work experience

* You work at your convenience to become successful

* Some of the business doesn’t requires a website or your own product to

sell before you make money online

* It requires little or no start up capital, but generates more and more income

* No Qualification needed to do the business

* You only need a Computer and Internet connection.

* You can make use of your mobile phone

*  It can be done at the Cafe

In fact, all you need is the Exact Steps that makes the most profitable business online works and a stable bank account on standby, and you’re ready to start cashing in on the BIGGEST opportunity.

After all, isn’t that what you’re trying to achieve? Isn’t that why you came here today?

Aren’t you sick of being another statistic?

…or being told that making lots of money on the internet is “not likely” or is just a “scam” by most of your friends and family?

But ONLY if you continue to be led ASTRAY by all of the old, TIRED and downright false information that is causing you to get tied in knots and FAIL uncontrollably…

DON’T let that happen. Don’t spend the rest of your life being labelled as a failure . There is no need to spend each morning staring at an empty account, wondering why others can do it and you can’t…

You may have ALREADY spent hundreds, or more likely even thousands of dollars on “Get Rich Quick Ebooks” and products that promise you the WORLD overnight. I’m also sure that by the end of this year your computer will be stuffed even more with lots of USELESS crap junk that you’ve still yet to make any money from.

You and I already know that you’re not going to make any money from them.

frustrated person

Have a think about the last few “Get Rich Type” products that you’ve purchased over the last few years…

It’s HARD to know who you can trust… when even the “good guys” are steering you in the wrong direction. And I DON’T expect you to BLINDLY trust me either.

Get this fact!

I have decided to cut out all the BS, no over-hyped sales pitch or psychological triggers to “Manipulate or trick you into a purchase”. NO over top flashy graphics or corny income shots.

There is no need to convince you to buy, If you don’t know me but Check one of my resourceful website to clarify and confirm some qualities and the stuff I’m made of.

If truly you know me, you will know that I don’t give craps. I give the best value as possible and over deliver for you to succeed and make good money online.

I will never manipulate fake earnings with Photoshop or Fake Earnings Videos but the work of my hands and where i earn from is enough not manipulation of any form but the truth of how to really make money online that i have tested and are working for me is what i really give out.

How Different Would YOUR LIFE Be WHEN You Start GETTING Profitable Results?

Imagine NO LONGER stressing over bills, your unfriendly BOSS, or the economy. You couldn’t CARE LESS what the news says… you’ve bailed yourself out with your own stimulus package.

Imagine NO LONGER having to SAVE-up or go deeper into DEBT every time you NEED or want something. If you like it–buy it!

Imagine NO LONGER just wishing you could help out a struggling family member, or send your kids to the best schools. You just do it!

Well I have GREAT news for you.

You’re NOT limited anymore, because finally… your bank account mirrors the kind of person you really are.

That’s how life is for steady earning marketers… they get to live and work on THEIR OWN terms. It is the ultimate freedom.

And the only difference between them and you is that someone GAVE THEM the KEYS to a REAL money making system… Just like I AM going to be GIVING you, THE keys to MY extremely PROFITABLE money MAKING system, TODAY!

After going through the package STEP BY STEP that show you EXACTLY how to COPY and PASTE the SECRET FORMULA of how to make outstanding profit from these profitable businesses online, you can work from ANYWHERE in the world. Setting it up in as LITTLE as 1hr a day… and the profit streams just keep rolling in!


Are You ready for a NEW LIFE?

Work at your OWN pace from ANYWHERE in the world, WHENEVER you want and HOWEVER you want…

Are You Sick and tired of NOT making any money

Sick and tired of being scammed into buying lots of useless courses online

Just want to make good, honest money

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Put an END to ALL your MONEY worries, provide ABUNDANCE for your family, and secure your financial future…

Start TODAY with no technical know-how. If you can COPY and PASTE you have all the knowledge it takes to BEGIN, today!…

let’s just quickly recap on what you will be getting in the package…

Would You Like to Know How to Create and Make Money From Short Reports & Ebooks? You Will Get It in This Package.

publlishing book4          publishing book4


The Exact Step Of How I Became An Online & Offline Publisher Who Makes Money From Digital & Physical Books

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other  people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

In this package, you will learn how to filp product for cash. How you can turn a crappy products into instant Cash.

* You will be able to turn Digital Products Into Real Cash
* I will show you how to own collection of Hot Selling E-Books
* I will also reveal to you in this package how to own resource/membership site
* You will get Art Of Selling Digital Products
* You will also know the secret of starting your own Paid Newsletter or E-Course
* In this package, you will be able to know the steps in which you can use to start selling your own E-books without writing a book.

How You Can Be Accepted & Make Money From Google Adsense is also inclusive in this package

google adsense image


You Will Get My Guided Secret Of Adsense Income

Adsense business is a type of business where you don’t need to sell anything before you make money. All the visitors need to do is to click on a link on your blog or website and the beauty of it is that you can even start it with a free blog or wordpress and start making money. The Nitty Gritty of this business is embedded in this e-book

This package will Reveal:

* How To Research keyword like a Boss and earn daily from Adsense

* How To Set it up from A – Z

* It will reveal the best Plugins & and Steps to Install them for high click through rate

* You will learn the step by step of ON-PAGE Optimization

* I will reveal how you can get unlimited traffic to your website and the exact way you can get your site index in 48hrs & get free traffic from Google Search Engine.

* You will also learn the extra money generator included in this package. You can’t afford to miss this.

In This Mega Pack, You Will Know The Exact Steps To Make Money From Article Marketing

Article marketing image


In this package you will learn:

* The exact tools and method

* I will personally reveal the Advanced Method that the Guru are using to rake in thousands monthly.

* You will also learn viral ways to sell your articles online

* This package will also reveal how to create a product like a professional even as a newbie

You will Learn How to Make Money and Get Consistent Cheques Monthly From Amazon In This Package

amazon cheque4


Amazon is one of the most trusted website on the internet that sell Physical and Digital goods.
This package will reveal the precepts by precepts of how you can be able to tap into the unlimited cash you can make through Amazon.

You don’t need to own any product before you start selling in Amazon. It is totally free. The truth is that there is a Loophole you need to know about how to really make it big in Amazon.

This loophole is revealed in this package and it is highly simplified.

CPA Business Will Teach You How To Make Money Without Selling

Cpa image


In this Business You Make Money Without Selling Any Product. 

CPA (cost per action) marketing—also known as PPA (pay per action) marketing—is basically just the process of marketers driving visitor traffic to predetermined landing pages designed to entice the visitor to act on an offer being presented. Every time one of these visitors acts on one of the offers we are promoting we get a pay out! We get paid per action we generate, hence, CPA/PPA.

The offers we can promote are literally endless and can consist of any of the thousands of different business niches.

You get a payout for every person who fills out their contact info for a chance at a free iPhone or gave their email address to download a game on their phone.


* I will REVEAL CPA Networks that will accept you without a Phone Verification

* In This package, you will get the best CPA Networks that pays

* You Lean the exact source of traffic to make outstanding cash even as a beginner

* You will also learn a secret that will put your earnings in autopilot

* I will show you how to take advantage of Email Submit Offers to make money.

Would You Like to Know How to  Make Money From Facebook With Your Phone? The Steps are in this package

facebook images


Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with others.

So many small and big companies promote their business on this platform and make cool cash.

clickbank earnings

This is one of the biggest social media. There is something special that is not known to many people about Facebook. The truth is that, you can rake in legitimate cash from it daily into your bank account. You already know that, information applied properly is power and the amount of the information you know will determine your destiny.

In this package, I will reveal:

* How you can create a profitable fan page

* How To Identify Profitable Facebook Friendly Niche.

* The Steps to identify your audience demographics

* You will also learn, how to create Facebook ad Campaign

* You will also learn, how to make money on Facebook without creating a single website.

* You will learn, how get into six million (6,000,000) groups in 5 days

* You will learn, how to create viral posts

* You will also learn in this package, how to monetize your audience and convert them to buyers

Interested in FIVERR BUSINESS, With These Package, You don’t need any weekly SEMINAR to attend.

fiverr success

Fiverr is a place where people pay for what you can offer.

This package will teach you:

* How to set up Fiverr Account like a Professional that will start making sales right away.

* It will teach you profitable services or products you can sell on Fiverr

* You will learn how to create Sexy Gigs

* How to use High Quality Images on Your Gigs

* It will reveal how to create a Video For your Gig

* How to use the correct keyword and clear title description.

* It will show you how to take advantage of Social Media

* You will also learn the simple method to double your profit in 5 days.

How To Make Money With LinkedIn

linkedin for business image

If you are presently on Linkedin and not making money with it. you are loosing something very great which others are taking advantage of. With this package, you will get the insight of how, you can start making money from Linkedin.

The Major Problem of Making Money Online To So Many People is How To Get Traffic. In This Package You Will Get TOTAL TRAFFIC SOLUTION

traffic catoon image

The truth is that every business either offline or online needs traffic to succeed. Don’t be deceived for you to make money online, you need converting traffic to your offers, blog or website.
There are countless ways to direct traffic to your site. It’s not a matter of simply advertising your website and hoping that people visit it. In order to apply the following steps successfully you should come up with a plan. A plan will help you keep track of what has been done, and what needs to be done. Unless you work the plan, nothing will change. All you need is The Simple, Effective Targeted Traffic Formula.

In This Package, You will learn:

* How To Get Insane Targeted Web Traffic

* You Will learn how to get free converting traffic

* The right funnel to paid traffic

* You will learn how to tap into Facebook Free Traffic & Paid Traffic and the exact method to convert them to Instant Buyers.

* You will also learn how to take advantage of YouTube traffic without creating any video.

This Package Will Also Reveal How To Make Money With BLOGGING

blogger images

A blog is simply a stream of consciousness kind of writing. Whether you are a major celebrity or a high school kid, you can blog. It requires no technical skill at all and cost almost nothing.

Blogs are an excellent way of expressing personal opinion. These range from discussions about news, current events, sports, hobbies, careers, and various other topics. If you can think it, and you can type, you can blog it.

In this package you will learn:

* How to make $100 daily blogging from your home

* You will learn how to blog for business

* You will learn best Blogging Software & Tools

* You will learn how to install WordPress and essential plugins

* You will also learn how to set up Blogger Account

* You will learn how to set up a Professional Blog

* You will also learn how to host your blog

* You will also learn how to create profitable domain name and good hosting companies to host with.

My Exact Method To Flipping Business

flipping images

There are people who sell their dusty blogs for its minimum value to a few hundred dollars, and there are those who capitalize on a long-standing site and
sell it to the tune of $500,000. Yes! There are a lot of websites that get sold and bought for a lot more than a half a million stinking dollars!

Take the case of Wired News, currently known as, which was bought by Conde Nast for a whopping $25 million. How about which was purchased by the British company Guardian News and Media for upwards $30 million?

In this package, you will learn:

* What Buyers are looking for

* The exact Research you need

* The Building Process

* Traffic Generation

* Simple Steps To Follow To Sell Your Website

* The Exact Step I used to Sell one of my site for $4000

 In This Mega Package, you will also get the following:

How To Make $100 Daily

binderlayingopen (8)

payment sheet2

How To Make $650 Daily With $10

binderlayingopen (9)

How To Start Shipping Buz With $3

binderlayingopen (10)

I will Reveal to you a genuine website that pays me $65 per Sign up. Note: With Just 2 sign ups, you already made above $100


daily sales



High Paying CTR Adsense Alternative
Youtube Cash Cow
Mass Cash Machine
10 Free SEO Tools
30 Ways To Get Backlinks
63 Killer Marketing Strategies

Note: This is to really give profitable value that can change your Financial lifestyle in 3 Weeks. Not Rehearsed Junk or Craps Put Together as a Package You’ve Purchased or Weekly Seminar Junk


I will reveal to you one of the best Online School to earn your accredited Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree from. You will study from home at your convenience. They have affordable tuition. The good part of it is that you will do your graduation in their school Abroad. This will enable you achieve your goals fast without any STRIKE. Don’t doubt this, they are highly accredited. Their Certificate is Internationally Accredited.

Here Is The Summary Of Some Of The Businesses Put  Together With Detailed Information In This Financial Freedom Package

1. How To Become A Successful Online & Offline Publisher

2. How To Make Money With Google Adsense

3. How To Make Money With Article Writing

4. The Exact Steps To Make Money In Amazon Platform

5. How To Make Money With Cost Per Action

6. How To Tap With Facebook Wealth Even With Your Phone

7. Step by Step Guide Of How To Make Money In Fiverr

8. How To Make $100 Daily Blogging

9. Total Traffic Solution. Free & Paid

10. The Best Approach To Flipping (Selling) A Website

11. The Exact Step To Make $100 Daily

12. How You Can Make $650 With Just $10

13. How To Start Shipping Business With Just $3

14. Revelation Of A Website That Will Pay You $65 Per Sign Up.


* High Paying CTR Adsense Alternative

* Youtube Cash Cow

* Mass Cash Machine

* 10 Free Free SEO Tools

* 30 Ways To Get Backlinks

* 63 Killer Marketing Strategies

* And Some Unannounced Bonuses


afeez pic

Engr Itunnu, I am an undergraduate who searches daily on the internet for genuine and legitimate source of income on the internet. I do this due to my financial challenges in school. I came across your website not too long and I took time to go through it and for 3 days, I was still reading, I kept on reading because all the information were very useful and dynamic to me. But while I was reading through this valuable write ups on your website an advert you place by the right caught my attention “Click Here To Learn The 10 Most Profitable & Legitimate Business Online Apart From Forex” I do not hesitate to make payment for the package because some of the free information on your website has been sold to me by some big information marketers in Nigeria even the free information on your website is more detailed than what i purchased from the so called A. K. A. How I wish I had seen your website before now. I want to inform you sir, that out of the 10 packages you sold to me, I had only started with just two and now as I composed this message, I had started earning reasonable money online and offline. I owe all thanks to God that brought your site to me. Thank you very much sir. Hafeez Lagos


Mr Itunnu may Almighty Allah bless you for this insight you gave me. initially when i started with one of your guide my husband said there is no where such thing is possible that it is a lie. But I was convinced in my spirit that this one will work out. To my surprise when it eventually work out for good for me, my husband was highly surprised. Your package is highly genuine and you are so truthful about the whole thing. We need people like you in our society. Thanks.

picture testimo1

I have been searching for someone that will really reveal how to make money on the internet for some time, until I came in contact with your package. My first surprise was that the delivery was so prompt and covers different aspect of making money money online. Secondly, the precepts of the package is highly simplified to me which made me to locate you in person and when I eventually met you, you really bit my imagination on how you simplified every steps to me. Thank you so much sir.  Alhaji chief Onaolapo from Ibadan.


I want to bless God Almighty for His grace upon your life. You have given me the grace to be totally self employed. From an attendant to a self employed. I now have my own offline and online business where I make money and even pay someone monthly. This package is a liberation to my entire family. I can’t thank you enough for this insight. May God bless you more and more. Mrs Fashogbon

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How Much Is The Cost Of All These Packages?

Just N8500 Only

Pay $45 (US Dollar Equivalent) From Any Country

You Can Also Do Online Banking To Any Of The Following Bank And Send Your Details


Pay To :

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

NameFrican Global Services

Account Number0030718549


Pay To:

UBA (United Bank For Africa Plc)

Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 2055267362


Pay To:


Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 3070664101

Other Means Of Payment:  

For Wire Transfer From Any Country

Pay $47 US Dollar To :

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Name: Frican Global Services

Account Number: 0154087411

Perfect Money Account Number: 

Send $45 Payment To: U6930481

After Payment:

Please, text your name, your email address, Branch Paid To, Amount Paid, Deposit Slip Number, Payment Date, Telephone Number to this number 08023901675  or The Complete Package Of The Most Profitable Business Online Will Be Sent To Your Email Address After Bank Confirmation In 24hrs.


Let’s be frank, you understand that packages on this page for 10 lucrative businesses with the outstanding bonuses can’t be sold with this cheap amount anywhere. =N=8,500 or $45 is an absolutely tiny price to pay for this much information; we both know it. This is just to help you succeed and start making money online. So go on right now and make the right investment for your financial empowerment and get started if you’re really serious about making money online. After 7 days the price will change. So It is better to take the right step now.

If You Purchase This Package, You Will Never Have Any Course To Purchase Any Make Money Package Online, Because, They Are All With Vivid Steps and Ways To Profit From Them Easily. Most Importantly, These Are Businesses That Works On The Internet not Wasting Money on CrapsUNFRUITFUL SEMINARS ALL AROUND That REAP YOU OFF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

Do I have to do all these at once


I have align the above profitable business so that you will be able to pick the profitable business that are working online not craps or junks that is fruitless.

These is to make you choose the most appropriate for you at this time Focus on it and gradually graduate to another to maximize your income online.

This is also to put an end to your spending on different types of gurus products that will only waste your precious time and money and at the end give no result at all.

I have also put all these packages together to put an end to your search and spending on how to make money on the internet.

With all these packages, I can assure you that, you will never spend any dime on buying any Internet business again because you’d already have all what it takes to succeed on the internet. You just need to decide which one to start with. And the truth is that they are all very simplified for a Newbie to understand.

If you follow any of the step in any of the package, definitely, you are in for total financial Freedom.

I have my charting line with all the packages purchased for full support.

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If you’re really serious about making money legitimately on the internet, Take a chance, just try it on your own and reap the outstanding benefits FOREVER.

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Invest N8,500 or $45 today either through direct cash payment or through internet banking to any of the banks below and PUT an END To FINANCIAL LIMITATION Totally


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If you are Short of Cash and Looking for Just One Proven Model Of Business That Is Highly Profitable and Very Simple To Implement Click The Image Below: 


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See You At The Top,

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Abraham IT.


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